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"If anyone serves me, the Father will honor him." John 12:26.

Servant Leadership

  • Diaconate Ministry – New Testament deacons serve the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church – doing the benevolence work, caring for the sick, being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation for the purpose of glorifying God and freeing the pastoral ministry staff to focus on prayer, administration, and the ministry of the Preached Word (Acts 6:1-6).  Deacons are also embodiments of unity within the church who work in concert with the pastor and also are the most visible agents of evangelism within the church.
  • Trustee Ministry – Trustees enable the execution of God’s mission through stewardship and individual gifts.  Along with the pastor and the deacons, the trustees assure that all church properties are well maintained and utilized.  
  • Deaconess Ministry – The Bible refers to both men and women as “deacons” (Romans 16:1).  The word “deaconess” came to be used in many churches for female deacons, even though that word as such never appears in Scripture.  Here at 112, deaconess continue the biblical tradition of faithful service by 
  • Providing assistance & support to the pastor as needed.
  • Assisting the deacons with the facilitation of Holy Communion (Our Lord’s Supper) during the 4th Sunday morning worship service.
  • Providing outreach to the community and to sick and shut-in members.
  • Preparing candidates (particularly female) for baptism.
  • Levitical Ministry – All associate ministers of 112 come together to form this ministry where spiritual/ministry discernment and encouragement is provided for ministry training and assignments.
  • Joint Team Ministry - Similar to "Official Boards" within most Baptist churches, the Joint Team Ministry of FBC Mahan mirrors a team paradigm consisting of the Senior Pastor, the Deacons, the Trustees, the Church Financial Secretary, the Budget Chairperson, & the Finance Chairperson working cooperatively towards the church's vision by making prayerful recommendations to the congregation re: the church's overall ministry.
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