How Do I Become a Member?

One becomes a member of “112” by virtue of their affirmation to the Gospel message and their confession of Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  In response to the Invitation to Christian Discipleship, individual(s) may join our church through the variables of (1) The Plan of Salvation (unsaved/unbelievers), (2) Christian Experience (persons who have already confessed Christ as their Savior, have been baptized, and have previously united with a church in membership/discipleship, or (3) Watch-Care (persons who do not plan to make the Tidewater Area their permanent home and would like to be part of a loving church family).

Upon completion of our New Members/Discipleship Cycles persons will then be welcomed into the church through the Right Hand of Fellowship and their faith journey with FBC Mahan will be underway! 

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